Saturday, April 17, 2021

Using WordPress Widgets

What Are The Top WordPress Widgets In Use For Blogging?

WordPress as a content management system is very popular. In my opinion one of the main reasons for it’s popularity is the WordPress widgets. If you are new to this blogging platform you may be asking yourself “What are widgets?”. Well, in an nutshell they give you full control of the content in the side bar of your blog. Widgets allow you to insert HTML code for banners of various shapes and sizes, they also allow you to insert contact forms otherwise known as autoresponders.

I would like to discuss the top WordPress widgets, that I use on a daily basis.

1. Wp Spamfree. This widget removes spam from your website. It finds unnecessary content and gets rid of it.

2. Wp Polls. This allows interaction between your visitors and your blog. This widget helps you create new polls and display them on your blog.

3. All In One Seo. This will take care of your search engine optimisation. This widget takes care of optimising keywords, tags and HTML. This widget helps in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines.

4. Featured Content Gallery. This widget gives your site an nice look and give your visitors an nicer experience while on your site.

5. Font Resizer. Font resizer give your site visitors the opportunity to change font size with just a click.

6. Secure WordPress. This widget secures your website content.

7. Follow Me. Twitter has become very popular and there is a widget called follow me, which allows site visitors to follow you on twitter, thereby increasing you twitter following. You can in turn market your site or blog to your increased twitter following.

8. Sexy Bookmark. With this widget you can give your visitors the choice of bookmarking any useful content on the various social bookmarking site. This is an excellent tool for website promotion.

9. Recent Comment This one is self explanatory, it displays recent comment.

10.Related Posts. This one encourages your blog visitors to stay longer on your site by reading related posts. They may even bookmark your site and read more content at a later stage.

These are just a few of the top WordPress widgets I use. WordPress widgets are crucial for your website or blogs design, functionality and promotion, so enjoy and take action.

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