Saturday, May 8, 2021

Managing Comments in WordPress

Better Comments – Comparing Your Comment Management Options for WordPress

Comments from readers help bring your blog to life! As you begin to get more comments though you may find they’re taking a lot of time to manage and eliminate the spam. Luckily, there are some great options for managing comments and making them more interactive.

Option #1: Power Up the WordPress Comments

The first option you can consider is to use the commenting system built into WordPress and add selected plugins to give you additional features. Some great plugins for commenting are:

Option #2: Disqus Comments

Many blogs choose to use Disqus Comments. In addition to blocking spam comments for you it also adds additional community-building features.

With Disqus there are millions of active users already registered in their system and readers can also sign in with Facebook, Twitter or OpenID accounts. It enables real-time commenting, connections to social networks, and threaded comments, too.

Disqus also offers cool features like the ability to leave a video instead of written thoughts, and continues to innovate new features.

Option #3: Intense Debate

Another option is Intense Debate. Intense Debate offers threaded comments, email notification of replies and new comments, and the option to reply to a comment via email.

Like Disqus, registered users have a profile and reputation scores. It also filters spam, provides moderation options and offers blacklisting. And it connects with the social networks to allow sign-in with Facebook or Twitter IDs, and OpenID.

Which option is right for your blog? It depends on what features are most important to you and what your volume of comments is. Test out your options. Visit blogs that use each system and leave a few notes to see which you like not only as a blogger but also as a the reader leaving your thoughts on a blog.


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