Saturday, April 17, 2021

Creating A WordPress Website

Creating A WordPress Website – Let Me Show You How

If you have a domain name and a hosting account handy, then creating a WordPress website is a task that can be done in literally no time.

WordPress is a piece of software that is used to create and manage amazing looking websites. Currently WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Internet.

WordPress is easy to create in a couple hours. You can customize your website color and theme in a matter of mere minutes!

The advantage of WordPress over the standard blog is that it’s easier on the eye, jumps right off the page, and very colorful. Not to mention it’s Free and super user friendly.

The first step is installing WordPress to your domain. As I mentioned earlier you would need a domain name and a hosting account. Log into your cPanel account.

If you’re not sure what your cPanel account is no sweat I’ll explain. cPanel allows you to tap into the enter workings of your website/domain. Here’s how you access cPanel.

Let’s say your Domain Name is, then you would go to to access cPanel for your domain.

Awesome! Now you should be looking at your cPanel login screen. Now you should have received an email from your hosting account with the details to login to cPanel.

You should see a Username and a password in this particular email. This is what you would use to log into your cPanel account. Great work!

Now what you want to do is click the Smiley face icon entitled Fantastic. Next click New Installation and select the domain name you would be using WordPress for.

If you already have a WordPress account enter the user name and password under Admin Access Data. If not you would simply create one. Choose an Admin nickname and fill in the encryption of your site.

Click “Email The Details of This Installation to:” if you would like the username and password sent to an email address. I would strongly recommend this if you struggle with remembering passwords.

Next let’s focus on logging into your WordPress account. You would enter your domain name as usual in the browser but after part of the URL type/wp-admin. Example:

In dashboard hover over your domain name and select View Website. Right click and open in new window to keep your dashboard open. Awesome! Now you’re looking at a default wordpress website that took only the slightest bit of effort.

Last but certainly not least, let’s focus on creating your first page. If you hover over New + you would automatically be taken to the area to create a new page. You can also create a new page by hovering over Pages on the dashboard list and click Add New.

Now you select a title for you new page and in the Editor end the content you want to be displayed on your page. You can take your time and format the content, add images, change fonts and colors.

If you need to leave or stop your work in case of an emergency you can save your page to a draft under Publish on the right hand side of the page. You can also click preview under Publish to take a last look at the page before it’s live

You also have the option of selecting to publish the page public or private, but if the page is for business you would definitely want it public.

If your satisfied with your page click the blue publish button which would give you the confirmation of your page being published. Now when you navigate to the home page you should have a new link with your new page title as one. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it and have a great rest of your day!

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