Saturday, April 17, 2021

Ultimate WordPress Guidelines

How To Avoid Wasting Time - And Money - On Crappy WordPress Tutorial Videos, Articles, And Ebooks.

A high-quality WordPress tutorial can have you up and running quickly and confidently - and moving closer to achieving your objectives for your WordPress site - while a low-quality (i.e., crappy) WordPress tutorial can steal a lot of your time, cause you to make a lot of potentially costly mistakes, and set you back in your journey towards success.


Installing WordPress Plugins

How to Install WordPress Plugins Easily Most plugins can be found and installed easily. You do not have to leave your WordPress website because you can install most plugins quickly from your dashboard. The search for plugins is just as simple. Where do I find Plugins? Simply login to your WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to […]

What Are WordPress Plugins

What Are WordPress Plugins? New to the blogosphere? You should know that WordPress is king when it comes to running a blog. The vast majority of bloggers use WP to run and manage their blogs. In fact, more and more webmasters running non-blog websites elect to use WordPress for their sites every year. One of […]

How to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme

How to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme [This tutorial applies to WordPress blogs running in a self-hosted environment, meaning that you’ve installed WordPress on a web host of your own. It doesn’t apply to blogs hosted on free accounts.] Installing a WordPress theme is very straightforward. WordPress themes available for download from various […]

Creating A WordPress Website

Creating A WordPress Website – Let Me Show You How If you have a domain name and a hosting account handy, then creating a WordPress website is a task that can be done in literally no time. WordPress is a piece of software that is used to create and manage amazing looking websites. Currently WordPress […]

WordPress Categories & TagsPress

Maximizing WordPress Category Pages Do you know what most bloggers and web designers do with their WordPress Category pages? If you answered nothing, you are correct. In fact, it might be fair to say that they do less than nothing with their WordPress Category Pages since the All In One SEO Plugin, which most tend […]

Adding Images in WordPress

Edit Images in WordPress: No External Editor Have you ever had to deal with a lot of images in your WordPress blog or site? You go through all the trouble of editing your images and upload it to your WordPress site, without noticing that it is a huge filesize? It has happened to me and […]

Adding Links in WordPress

Types of Ads for Your WordPress Blog Pay Per Sale You register as an affiliate for an program like ClickBank and search the products relevant to your site. The site provides you with link codes, banners, and other tools to promote their various products. Your job is to post those links on your site. Each […]

WordPress Posts, Comments, Pages

WordPress Posts, Comments, Pages and Categories Explained I’m not sure if you already use WordPress or if you’re simply researching WordPress but you might have seen some of these terms thrown around such as posts, comments, pages, and categories and I want to explain them to you right now. First of all, the simplest thing […]

What Are Blogs? – And Creating Blogs Using WordPress

What Are Blogs? – And Creating Blogs Using WordPress Nowadays blogs have become popular media to convey others about how you see the world. From a college boy to an international celebrity, everyone has become addicted to this media of communication. Daily thousands of new internet users are setting up their blogs and expressing themselves […]