Saturday, May 8, 2021

Ultimate WordPress Guidelines

How To Avoid Wasting Time - And Money - On Crappy WordPress Tutorial Videos, Articles, And Ebooks.

A high-quality WordPress tutorial can have you up and running quickly and confidently - and moving closer to achieving your objectives for your WordPress site - while a low-quality (i.e., crappy) WordPress tutorial can steal a lot of your time, cause you to make a lot of potentially costly mistakes, and set you back in your journey towards success. vs

The Difference Between and and When to Use Them As WordPress grows in popularity, many begin to realize that there are 2 main WordPress websites, and and want to know what is the difference between these 2 websites. There is a difference but it is not what you might think. […]

Exploring the WordPress Dashboard

Build Your Own Website Easily With WordPress If you work from home or are trying to get that elusive first project, creating a professional website is an important step. As a home for your business, your website can showcase your skills, provide details of your experience, and give potential clients and customers a convenient way […]

How To Create Your Own WordPress Plugin And Distribute It Online

How To Create Your Own WordPress Plugin And Distribute It Online Creating your own WordPress plugin takes a little bit of programming background, though nothing that you really have to pay an arm and a leg for. Most of the how to can be found online. But once you create your WordPress plugin, you’ve got […]

Managing Comments in WordPress

Better Comments – Comparing Your Comment Management Options for WordPress Comments from readers help bring your blog to life! As you begin to get more comments though you may find they’re taking a lot of time to manage and eliminate the spam. Luckily, there are some great options for managing comments and making them more […]

Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress

Creating a Custom Navigation Menu in WordPress Being able to add and remove links from a web site’s main navigation menu is a basic feature found in most website CMS’s. As of WordPress 3.0, there is built-in support for adding a navigation menu to any theme. Additionally, these navigation menus can be created and configured […]

How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme in 6 Easy Steps In this article, I’ll take you through all of the easy steps you need to take so that you too can learn how to install a WordPress theme. All of these different designs come directly from the WordPress themes directory. And what’s nice about this […]

Using WordPress Widgets

What Are The Top WordPress Widgets In Use For Blogging? WordPress as a content management system is very popular. In my opinion one of the main reasons for it’s popularity is the WordPress widgets. If you are new to this blogging platform you may be asking yourself “What are widgets?”. Well, in an nutshell they […]

What is a WordPress Theme

Exactly What Is a WordPress Theme? WordPress is the most effective platform around for creating websites and is a powerful software application that is simple to set up and easy to use for the upkeep of a blog or website. WordPress websites are very simple to maintain and you don’t need to understand any type […]