Saturday, April 17, 2021

Adding Links in WordPress

Types of Ads for Your WordPress Blog

Pay Per Sale

You register as an affiliate for an program like ClickBank and search the products relevant to your site. The site provides you with link codes, banners, and other tools to promote their various products. Your job is to post those links on your site. Each time a surfer becomes a paid member through your link, you can earn a commission on the sale. The amount can vary. Don’t just pick the highest paying advertisement. Chose the most relevant product and your conversion rate will be much better. Pay per sale is a one-time payment to you from the sponsor.

Revenue Share

Each time you generate a sale, you earn a percentage of the income. For example, many places will employ a 60%/40% rev share plan which means you get 60% of the first sale, and also credit for each month that user remains a member. This is a great way to generate long term income, especially on sites with which you believe are high quality that will update enough to keep the surfer interested. This is particularly common with some dating sponsors who are membership based. Each revenue sharing program has their own respective payout percentages listed.

Pay Per Click

Some places offer pay per click traffic in which you get paid each time a person clicks on the ad creative you’re using. Some places pay $0.01-$0.03 cents or more. If you can find $0.03 cents per click or better, then definitely use the program. This is good for sites who can disguise ads to look like content, so that the user clicks them without even knowing that it’s an advertisement. Always double-check the sponsors terms of service, incase this form of deception is not permitted. These can be used on any type of site, as banners, in video ads, or straight up text links. You can really earn a good income with places like Google AdSense if you’re smart with your ad placement, as Google AdSense tries its best to place relevant ads on your site. Your job is to maintain an audience who doesn’t mind clicking an ad or two.


This stands for cost per thousand impressions, with the M being the Roman numeral for one thousand. You place a provided banner on your site and get paid anywhere from about $1.50-$3.00 for every one thousand impressions you provide. If you run a high traffic site and can’t figure out how to convert your ads into sponsor sales, then use the CPM method. Only sites with high counts of page views will benefit from this method. Usually traffic trade sites will plaster their sites with CPM ads because they put so much crap on their sites that the user is confused and the site can’t convert sales anyway.

Pay Per Email (sometimes referred to as CPA – cost per lead)

Each time a user submits their email address, you earn anywhere from a few cents, to a few bucks. This is more widely used in email marketing. If you’re going to collect email addresses on a website, then you should keep them for your own promotion instead.

Pay per time period

I’ve sold tons of ads using this method because I didn’t feel like being on top of statistics on a daily basis, providing reports to buyers, and getting annoyed with minuscule problems from other webmasters. So what I did was sell any given advertising spot for a set price on a per month basis. I gave people discounts if they paid for three or more months. One sponsor paid me $20,000 via check, up front, for a six month 300×250 banner advertisement.

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